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We’re excited that you want to become a published author, and we’re dedicated to help you reach that goal. The road to publication can be bumpy, indirect, and confusing. Many writers find that they need a guide. That’s why we’re writing these columns: to give you vital information that you will need and to show you the best routes, short cuts, and approaches to smooth your way.The competition to get books published is fierce.It seems as if everyone wants to write and publish a book. To increase your odds of making the cut, we’ll be providing you with information we’ve learned throughout our careers working in the book business, and added insights provided by top experts. From the get-go, we want you to understand what’s involved in getting your book published, what you’re getting into, and precisely what you have to do.The world of books is magical and mysterious. Publishing is a special universe. When you try to move inside and work your way through the publishing process, it can be daunting. Newcomers can easily get lost, swallowed up, and discouraged. Seasoned authors can grow frustrated, angry, and disillusioned. Writers at all levels, from unpublished novices to successful veterans, need help finding their way. That’s why we’re here, to show you what to do.For starters, understand that the publishing industry is complex and can be baffling. It’s riddled with rules, most of which are unwritten and difficult to decode. The rules were made by publishers, and guess whom they benefit? Why, publishers, of course. The rules give publishers the upper hand.The publishing industry is filled with insiders: mainly editors, literary agents, booksellers, and publishing company personnel. Most others, including writers, are kept out.Publishing insiders speak their own language.Outsiders often feel lost. Many of the rules are inside secrets that are based on old traditions and protocols. The rules may differ from agent to agent, editor to editor, and publisher to publisher. Plus, they can change instantly at the drop of a corporate memo or a bigwig’s whim.Publishing is a mysterious world that constantly changes. It follows and reacts to the media, the current trends, and the news. Recently, the industry has gone through a major consolidation that has left it with a handful of major publishers and thousands of smaller-sized firms. Due to corporate takeovers and consolidation, this industry, which was once devoted to the art of fine writing, now primarily worships the bottom line.As an industry, publishing is in mortal combat for consumer dollars with the makers of motion pictures, radio, television, video games, computers, recorded music, sporting events, and others. It’s also in the clutches of a small group of mega booksellers who have the market clout to influence, if not dictate, what books are published. To make matters worse, publishing operates under an archaic system under which booksellers may return unsold books for full refunds.If you hope to be a published writer, it’s crucial for you to know the rules of the game and the layout of the field before you try to play. Without such knowledge, you don’t stand much of a chance. If you want to get your manuscript published, it’s crucial for you to understand as much as possible about those you hope to impress: the publishing establishment and especially editors, agents, and publishing houses.At the least, you should know:Who they arePrecisely what they doExactly what they wantHow you can best fit inPublishing Is a BusinessWhen writers try to sell their books, many start at a disadvantage because they place the book publishing business on a pedestal. They tend to romanticize the industry and approach it with stars in their eyes. Often, they wrap all their hopes in their books, which they see as lofty endeavors that will launch their literary careers and fulfill their dreams.In doing so, they often project qualities on publishing companies that simply don’t exist. They may think that because publishing deals with arts, letters and culture, that the industry operates on a higher plane or its major concern is art and beauty, which certainly isn’t true.Over the next few weeks, we’re going to demystify book publishing and explain how it works. We’re going to pass on to you the cumulative wisdom of top experts in the field, experts who know all the secrets, the ins and outs, and can explain exactly what you must know. This information will give you a decided advantage in getting your book published.